End of the Third Era

It is said the 3rd era heroes shattered the crystal obelisk and it violently exploded into a million pieces in a cacophonous burst of black shards and red light, blowing away all the clouds in the sky and severing its tie to the moon. Now free of its arcane shackles the moon was once again free to follow its sedate path through heavens, but something went wrong…

“Its not moving, instead it appears to be growing…”

The earth began to tremble slightly and the wind picked up strength, and all the while the moon seemed to be growing larger and larger.

The ground was now shacking violently; huge rents were appearing in the earth and the sky was all but blocked out by the sight of the incoming moon, burning its way through the atmostphere.

There is one final blinding flash of light, then…

End of the Third Era

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